Friday, January 19, 2007

What a day, I am sure no matter how crazy yours was, mine will be more comical

Have you ever had one of those days when nothing went right? You dropped everything you picked up, you forgot where you parked your car? I have not had one like this for a while, and the funny thing is I stopped taking Ginkgo Biloba and Mental Edge in November, and just never replaced it.

This is my day, see if you can relate, I sure hope not. I got up this morning and started shaving, got a phone call and wiped the shaving cream off my face , answered the phone and when I was through I got in the shower, then I finished dressing and looked in the mirror and realized that I had only shaved half my face. Off went the clothes, and I started over. I sat my Cellular phone down, and then for the life of me could not find it. I finally called it from the house phone and played listen and guess where it was, after an hour I remembered that it was on vibrate and I had to just listen really close to hear it jumping around somewhere. It was on my belt loop of my pants, I was wearing baggy pants and could not feel it vibrating off my belt. I knew at this point it was all downhill.

I set the alarm and went to my truck to realize I forgot my briefcase, I went back in reset the alarm and went out side only to realize that I had locked my keys in the house. So over the fence I went and was able to reach through the pet door and unlock a door all the while being jumped on by the six four legged kids. Back inside I took inventory and finally got to my car and on my way. I then realized that I had forgot to feed the dogs, so back I went, actually one was still in the house who slept late and had not even gone out for the morning business. It just keeps getting better.

Finally I am on my way to work and stopped at the post office and put the letters through the slot inside, in my hand were the stamps that I still had not put on my letters. I rang the bell, and luckily had someone with a small amount of personality that actually laughed, most likely at me, but then I would have laughed at me at this point. After putting on the stamps, I pushed them through the slot while hearing a voice saying" did you put the stamps on this time", I laughed out loud, and mumbled something not too nice under my breath. All the while thinking " if you only knew what my day was like already".

Off to do the rest of my things for the day. I proceeded to have problems all day starting with going to get a snack and then I think I set it on the roof of my car and drove away, never to see it again. I misplaced my wallet, my car keys a few more times, had my t shirt on backwards all day, and nobody said a thing to me. I am sure I have been a great source of entertainment for many people today, so I decided to continue it on the blog. Maybe this way I can get it all out in one twenty four hour period.

The moral of this story, I am not as young as I think I am. I am definitely in need of the brain nutrients I thought I could do without, and they REALLY are a necessity. Finally, when I was young and laughed at people writing notes down on little pieces of paper, and walking aimlessly around parking lots looking for their cars, I have learned that pay back is not pretty, as we will all be there someday. Tomorrow is a new day, full of lots of brain nutrients, and I swear I will never stop taking them again

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