Friday, January 26, 2007

You and your best friend, are you as good to him as he or she is to you?

Do you have animals? Have you ever wondered if you were doing everything you are supposed to do in regards to the health of your pets? I am afraid to say that most people get a pet, go a little above and beyond for a while, and then after that they go from being a part of the family to a burden that makes you go home early to let them out, or a problem when you are just dying to get out of town. To you people I say, shame on you.

I think there should be a long term crystal ball to show who should be allowed to have a pet, and also have the capability to decide who will be a good owner for the long run. I can bet that many pet owners would not have been allowed to get a pet in the first place.

I am amazed, when I go to one of those warehouse stores, you know the ones where you buy four hundred rolls of toilet paper for five dollar or fifty thousand tooth picks for a buck, that people buy off brand dog food there. Now I am happy to say that many of these places sometimes carry some good quality dog food, but most of it is just chicken flavored corn meal and fat and preservatives. I watch people with a keen eye picking ripe fruit and reading labels for the stuff they put in their mouths, but when it comes to their pets, it is all about the price.

I am sure that if your animals were allowed to buy your food, and give you the same time and effort for a quality food, many of you would be very surprised to see what would be on the dinner table, but I digress.

There are many wonderful dog foods on the market, and there are some great things to add to the food to help with long term health and also for prevention of situations that may come up down the road when the animals are overweight, and deprived of nutrition, and malnutritioned at the same time.

If you have animals there are some things you may consider adding to their diet. Barley dog, is a green powder that helps their bad breath problems and their digestion and their stomachs and elimination. A valuable product where you have no grass for the dogs to eat when they feel they need it. Next would be Flax seed oil, this helps their coat, lubricates their joints for younger and older arthritic dogs, and helps with their livers to fight fat and keep them leaner. Mezotrace minerals, my favorite dog product will help their bones, muscles and ligaments. Great for all dogs that are active as well as those whom are inactive, especially if they are older and sore. You may also think of adding Joint Support when there is an arthritis problem in the joints, as it will do for them as it does for us, rebuild healthy cartilage and help the pain. I personally add all of this to my dogs food every single day.

Plan on very expensive Vet bills in the future if you do not plan the diet and nutrition for you dogs a little wiser.

If you are in Las Vegas, send me an E mail , even if you are not, and I can help you to find these wonderful products for mans best friend. The next thing to consider is training and keeping your dogs active. Most cities around the country have dog trainers, some good, some better, some well not so hot. In Las Vegas we are so blessed as we have the dog trainer extraordinaire, Mary Kay Grahn ,below is her web site. If you have wondered what it would be like to work with someone that can help you with all forms of behavior problems with your dogs, she is the one. She also teaches dog sports for you and your dogs including agility, flyball, obedience, ring training and herding. Most people never enjoy their pets to the fullest, and even more people never let their dogs excel in things other than just being a pet, there is so much more to enjoy.

So, if you have been thinking about working with a trainer, check out the website . If you have ever watched a dog show or the national agility competition and said" I would love to do that", give her a call, you will be so surprised how much fun, and great exercise it will be for you and your pal.

Click below for the Smarty Paws site.



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