Sunday, January 7, 2007

Cayenne Pepper, the spicy herb for the blood

Today's radio show had to do with helping clean up sluggish, slow moving and fatty blood. Many people have no idea that their diets and inactive couch potato lifestyles can cause their blood to become thick and slow moving. Healthy blood should move freely and circulate everywhere throughout the body with ease. By doing so it has the ability to nourish cells, distribute nutrients, and help organs to function properly. When all within the bloodstream is in a perfect harmony, organs, tissue and bodily functions all work correctly.

The problem we see so often is that many Americans do nothing physical other that the basics that propel them through their day. Exercise, or above the basic amount of actual movement is less frequent on a large scale than you can imagine. With obesity at epidemic level proportions, this is a visible sign of our bad choices. This on top of a diet high in saturated everything with most of it being breaded and deep fried, the American way of eating is killing us. As we become more lazy in our daily lives, and as we keep adding more and more complex carbohydrates and sugars, while not burning them off, we get sluggish fatty blood.

Because of these bad choices our blood stops circulating correctly which adds to high cholesterol problems, high tryglycerites, high blood pressure, light headedness, cold hands and feet, memory problems and breathing and pulmonary discomfort. Our hearts have to overwork just to do the job it could do very easily if we had an active lifestyle and consumed food that did not clog and restrict our arteries. But as wonderful as this sounds, many people will never change, and will always find it hard to stick to changes.

Cayenne pepper is well known as a very hot spice used in many ethnic foods. It is very hot and spicy as well asa pleasant and versatile seasoning. What we also need to know that Cayenne Pepper is a roter rooter for the blood. It can remove and help to dissolve blood clots, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol and tryglycerites and help to increase blood flow. It can help to circulate blood for everyone who takes it, and help Diabetic benefit from a better flood flow to the hands and feet. There are many individuals that get benefits in the areas of headaches, heart problems, breathing and respitory problems, arythmia,vertigo balance problems and even tinnitus and or ringing in the ears.

Make sure when you take Cayenne capsules that you take them directly before the meal, rather than after so they can sit better and will not cause a burning or warm after taste. Cayenne comes in mild, buffered and very hot formulas. I recommend starting with a light formula and progress up to a stronger one as you feel more comfortable with taking them. You can also use the powdered formula, but this is a very hot way to take it, and it may not sit well for everyone.

Digestion, being one of the largest problems facing most adults in America, and with the growing amount of our population that are obese and inactive, our digestion is getting worst by the day. By using Cayenne pepper capsules and a digestive enzyme this is one more thing we can help to correct easier that we think.

Cayenne pepper is a basic nutrient that benefits everyone who takes it. It is never too late to start taking it, and we are never too old to get benefits from this wonderful nutrient.

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