Monday, January 22, 2007

Vegetarian lifestyles, they take work these days

A very different phenomena has occurred over the last ten years. Vegetarians, whom for many if not most years have been thin, and heather that most meat and animal product eaters have began to join the ranks of overweight Americans.

I can bet that it has to do with the over consumption of complex carbohydrates and the mass amount of sugars that are now being consumed. It seemed like for many years the vegetarian group were also the group of people that incorporated activity, exercise, yoga and other physically active pastimes along with their eating regimes. Today, with the incidence of in activity and people being in jobs and careers that keep them behind computer screens all day long punching keyboards, the inactivity seems to be spreading to all sectors of Americans, no matter your food of choices.

When you are eating a vegetarian lifestyle, you incorporate all kinds of foods that are not animal based into your diet. For many active vegetarians this way of living along with active lifestyle means much better health and a much lesser chance of many diseases that otherwise they would be privy to with an animal based diet. But on the other hand, to eat this large amount of complex carbohydrates and sugars and load all of these carbohydrates and not work them off, you then become a candidate for the same diseases as the rest of the Americans eating a traditional selection of foods.

I am seeing chronic obesity in vegetarians from many walks of life over the last ten years. Stress is a condition that all Americans have to deal with and when it is added to a stressful sedentary job or career, and it affects the amount of expenditure of energy you use, other things like heart disease, high cholesterol, high tryglycerites and diabetes are next in line waiting to rear their ugly heads.

Although this way of life is healthy and obviously better than living on an animal based , high fat, and high carbohydrate diet, you must remember that activity and burning all of those loaded carbohydrates is crucial. If you choose a vegetarian lifestyle and do not completely make all of the changes including a correct and balanced diet, a healthy consumption of fresh water, sugar restrictions and continuing an exercise program, or just beginning one, you can and will have complications.

One more thing is to make sure that you supplement with vitamin's, greens, extra fiber, added B vitamins and good oils, as well as minerals. Remember, many parts of the country do not have organic vegetables and healthy places to shop, so you need to compensate for this with supplementation so as not to become malnutritioned. In some places you have to eat vegetables that have been shipped in from who knows where and have been in a holding house for who knows how long and ripened on demand by who knows what kind of chemical gas.

Overall, a vegetarian lifestyle is healthy, safe and can add years to you life. Remembering to make the needed changes for maximum absorption and great health is no different than what every single person SHOULD be doing with whatever diet they are eating as well.

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