Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Feeling a little edgy

Today's post is addressing nerves and how we usually feel that some people are on our last one on a daily basis. I think most people hit their level of stress and edginess after a shorter period of time these days. Maybe it is because there are so many more things to upset us, or maybe we are all wearing our emotions on our sleeves, and we are just stressed out and burnt out.

It could also be the traffic on the way to work, the heavy work load at work, or just way too much on our plates. The funny thing is we have more technology and devices to make our lives easier and faster and more organized, we do eighty percent less physically than our families did even forty years ago, yet we are always running in circles and can never get everything done.

I think if we felt better, and had more energy most things would be a little easier to tackle. But in most instances people are so exhausted by the end of the day, the thought of getting a jump on the next day, or finishing projects previously started, or even doing things than could make you feel better like exercising seems out of reach. It really is a catch twenty two, if you came home from work and got caught up, and spent some time management organizing to save time and make your life organized and worked out to feel and look better and worked on your diet to actually be healthier you would be less stressed and feel great. The problem is, most of us are so run down and tired we do not have the energy to get to that stage, even though we know for a fact it could make life easier.

I think we need to attack it through nutrition first to get us the energy to get to the next stage. If you are using a multiple vitamin and you do not feel great and have a lot of energy, then you need to switch. I am always amazed at how we jump when products are broken, or services are not done correctly we will complain and yell and scream, but we feel awful and do nothing about it, we just accept it. Do not accept mediocrity in your supplementation, if you do not feel great try another. This is the reason I have always stayed with Great Earth, they work, the potency and formulas are hands down better than what is available, and you feel them.

So first, get a strong multiple vitamin, add a B complex for stress and energy, then add minerals at night so you can shut down and sleep and repair. If sleep is a problem add a good quality melatoinin and some Valarian root. Remember how you sleep is more important than if you sleep.Going through the motions without shutting down you body and brain cannot recharge you for the next day. If you always feel as if you got no sleep at all how can you possibly be able to be at your best the next day? One more thing loading up with a triple expresso does not take the place of anything, it is a bandaid, a good tasting one at that but still a cover up. Have you coffee that's ok, but build your system up and solve the problem.

We all need to become problem solvers not band aid Doctors.

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