Monday, November 13, 2006

Flax question

I have decided to try posting questions and then try to answer them a few times a week. Today's question is, Dear Jeff, If I am using flax seeds in my diet every day in my cereal, why do I need to also use the Flax seed oil?

Actually a very good question. There was a time when manufacturers and bakers would use flax meal in breads, muffins and other bakery items, but because they do have the shelf stability and can go rancid, they have all but been eliminated from most bakery items. We have received so much information on the use of flax from the media, but as usual only part of the information is explained. For most people the misconception has been relayed to them that using flax seeds is as good as the oil and this is just not a truth.

If you have ever looked at flax seeds, those tiny brown and or gold seeds, they are hard to chew, that is why they are ground before using. Now imagine how much in quantity of flax seeds are required to equal a tablespoon of high lignin flax seed oil? Believe it or not, over one cup of the seeds pressed, squeezed and smashed to get them to release the oil. Now most of us may use a tablespoon in our cereal everyday, if you were to use the whole cup of ground seeds, you would be bonding with your bathroom and meditating on the toilet for most of the day.

So remember, the seeds when ground are a wonderful addition to our diet, we need fiber drastically, as seen with all of the elimination problems in this country and the increases every year in the risk for rectal and colon cancer. So use the ground seeds they are wonderful, but if you would like the benefit of oils use the oil. The oil will help with cholesterol reduction, lubricating the joints, helping with skin disorders like eczema and psoriasis, immune building, elimination, as well as an array of men's and women's hormonal support. Now that you see the difference, and when you weigh them out, there is no comparison, but together they work even better.

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