Friday, November 3, 2006


Why is it we can be so bad to our bodies by eating trashy fatty foods,we smoke and we drink and give our bodies no rest, we work them into the ground and starve them for nutrition, and over feed and actually put them in a state of malnutrition? The reason, because we can, and in most instances they recover and bounce back and we swear we will never do it again, until one time it doesn't, and then we decide it is time to do everything and anything available to get back our familiar friend we know so well, our run down body.

To my utter astonishment people will go to their health food store and unload their list of woes and expect to be able to fix it overnight. They actually think they can rebuild and repair and put back the fountain of youth in a twenty four hour period. They come back a month later and are doing so much better but still cannot imagine that they are not one hundred percent, I usually go through the list of abuses and problems and a realism glow comes over their faces and they then start to get it. They then agree that it will take time, in some instances, a lot of time.

The other thing is that being regular about taking the supplements is a very important process.They cannot possibly work if you do not take them. I get so many excuses, I forgot, I skipped lunch, you know any excuse. I always say either take them or don't , but do not expect anything without being consistent. This is as easy as it gets, take them, be patient, and let them do their job.

But like I always say you cannot win the lottery if you do not buy a ticket and you cannot benefit from nutrition if you are not consistent.

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