Saturday, November 4, 2006

Procrastination is my middle name

This is the nicest time of the year here in Las Vegas. Basically right between so hot you can cook an egg on the pavement and need a coat, and turn on the heat. I guess you could say it is our autumn, but with very few trees that show the signs of fall, to look out a window it could be just as easily July or August.

It is great time to get back into the walking programs that everyone vacated due to, the greateat excuse ever, it is too hot. Even though the malls and gyms have people walking everyday, some available twenty four hoursbut I digress, we all use whatever excuse we can. I will ask someone during a consultation how much exercise are you getting, and they will say" I was walking before it got too hot", and then in December the same person will say "well now that it is cold out I do not get out very much". You would think we were in Alaska and it was fifty degrees below zero the way people talk.

Yet the same person once again will complain, moan and groan, and even cry that they are overweight, or fat however you want to look at it. I will hear it all, the sex life is no good with all this weight,. my blood pressure is up, my cholesterol is high, I have no energy, I cannot fit in my clothes and I am not buying any new clothes. My spouse does not find me attractive, I do not like the way I look or feel, and it is causing me to be depressed, and after all of this conversation I still always hear more of the same. I cannot stop eating that, I need my pasta and rice and bread. I only eat at fast food restaurants because it is convenient, I cannot stop my evening cocktails, I will not give up sodas, I am really not into exercise.

So I have come to the conclusion after almost thirty years of listening to every excuse in the book and hearing every scenario, and saying a few of them myself," shut up, and stop complaining about it until you are ready, that day to make a life change". Nobody wants to hear you complain about the same thing at every meal they share with you, or at every function and every event,as well as every upcoming holiday, because after a while we get very tired of listening to it. Believe me, it is not that we do not want you to be successful, we do, but how many" I am starting on Monday" do we have to go through with you before we pull our hair out. If you reflect back, many people make the same New Years resolution every year and has yet to stick to one of them, Sometimes we are maybe 15 pounds over weight when we make the first one, now five years later you could be up to one hundred pounds heavier and still planning the same resolution that will once again not be fullfilled.

You know what else we all know you will never do anything about it, and it is like you just want everyone to know you are at least thinking about it. I say this to you "stop talking about your weight and your dieting permanantly, just do it, and then let everyone take notice". Let them come up to you and tell you how happy and wonderful you look, and what are you doing, they have never seen you look so incredible. I guarantee you when you stop talking about it and start living it, it will work, and you and the world will take notice!

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