Thursday, November 2, 2006

The after Halloween sugar blues

It was funny today how many e mails I received about going on the 60 day cleanse. Most people decided that if they were as bad as they were on Halloween with their junk eating, that by New Years Day they would be fifteen pounds heavier and even in worst shape.

The cleanse is very easy, I have discussed it in previous posts and remember all posts are archived for when you want to refer back to them. So if you are interested in losing up to twenty five pounds by New Years eve, and cleansing out years worth of abuse on and in the body, e mail me and I will send the cleanse off to you and you can begin as soon as tomorrow.

Otherwise I will be getting the New Years day coulda should woulda e- mails and then you have an even higher hill to climb. Start now, and by January first, you will be two months in and better than you have been in years.

Remember cleansing helps all of the following: mental clarity, obesity, digestion, immune systems, sleep, elimination, the skin, the hair and nails, and these are just a few benefited areas.. So hope to hear from you, and have a friend do it with you, but have them e mail me separately to see if they are committed, not needing to be committed just motivated!

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