Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Confusion, the American way, it is what we know!

I really think that most Americans are in a state of nutritional confusion. Many know that they need something, but for so many years that have been getting such a large amount of miscommunication, it is hard to know which way to go.

Doctors have done more damage than anyone. For three decades that I have been in the field I have seen Doctors say that supplements were not needed and then come in and shop with me for their nutritional needs. When I would question many of them, they would say these are not for my patients, they are for me, just a wee bit hypocritical if you ask me, but I digress.

For all of these years you have heard Doctors say this is no good, and you do not need any of that stuff and there is no testing and they can be bad for you. At the ame time they are pushing drugs that have small amounts of testing and side effects that need to be written on a microchip to get it to fit on the label, or in the bag you get when you pick them up from the pharmacy. And let us not forget to mention all of the class lawsuits, and recalls, and reformulations and deaths that have occurred due to lethal doses, bad combinations and people price shopping for drugs at different locations and not allowing all of their Doctors to know what they are taking, which has caused dangerous combinations.

On the other hand, Vitamins and herbal products are still doing well, and are tested heavily for quality, and the individuals that are making inferior products are hopefully being pushed out of the field on a daily basis, leaving only high quality companies with quality choices for the consumer. Many supplements used today have been around for thousands of years and have been being used for centuries, but the pharmaceutical companies have the nerve to talk badly about them and have the nerve to say that only drugs are good for you, I think not as sometimes you need to know both sides of the coin and whether there really is an alternative or choice.

Most drugs are patterned after natural products, but they disrupt the natural state and chemically change it so they can put a patent on it, but failing to understand that when you disrupt the natural way things occur in nature, sometimes the results are not what they were looking for.

So, to answer my initial question with all of this bad press, good press, false statements, and no support from the medical companies, what is the best way to go from here? I think everyone needs to write on a piece of paper their strong health points and weaker health points, problems, and answer their own questions as to whether they are actually as healthy as they can be. Take a look at bad habits, compulsions, exercise patterns and then go to a knowledgeable person at a high quality vitamin and health food store and let them guide you. If they do not have a clue, and you feel you are being misdirected, go somewhere else immediately. Never trust your health to someone that knows less than you, or cannot answer your questions. Remember, you would not let a car salesman do a face lift on you, so only let extremely knowledgeable people handle your health.

These days in the age of massive choices and everything at your fingertips, make wiser choices, do not hesitate to do research on your own. Listen to radio show, read blogs, and do some trial and error of your own. The final thing is be honest with yourself, if there are problems that you know are more serious that you can handle on you own, get to a good nutritionally oriented Doctor, and let them guide you. Never second guess something that can be eventually fatal, sometimes we have no choice but to use medicine, just be aware that other times you have choices.

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