Sunday, November 19, 2006

The holiday dash is up and running

So how are you fairing during the first week of the holiday season? I was in the mall today and here we go, the dash and run is in progress. I love to stand and watch people, you know take it all in. The great thing is this was a two story mall so you can sit up top and just watch the frazzled masses go by.

You would think it was December 24th by the look in everyone's eyes, like everyone was on a life and death mission, and nothing or nobody was going to stop them from checking those tasks of their lists. I watched parents yelling at their kids, kids yelling at their parents, people coughing and sneezing and only about twenty percent covered their mouths, the rest just let it go into the air to the non aware patrons as they scurried about doing the holiday thing breathing in all of those germs.

I love the holidays and admit I do my own crazy holiday scurrying tango, but every year I get a little more organized and work a little smarter not harder and do as much as I can as early as I can. That way when it is full throttle holiday mayhem, I am able to just watch everyone on their last laps before the race is over. If you ever have a year when you do everything early and you are done with all the shopping, it is really fun to go out and just enjoy the holiday season and let your spirit out without always being in the merging lane having to get into the crazy rush.Once you do it this way, you will always do your planning and shopping early, guaranteed.

I watched and looked around as I walked through the food court for one person eating a salad, or anything green on a plate, or even some healthy Chinese food. I thought I saw something, but it was just pile of green gummy bears. But woe is me, there was not a isolated piece of lettuce anywhere to be seen. It was all breaded and deep friend, smothered in sweet sauces and gravies, being washed down with the forty five gallon diet sodas, it was a sight to be seen. So why would I expect it to be different, this is the food that the public eats because it tastes the way they want it to taste, and lets face it, junk food tastes good.

No healthy after taste here, just pure trans fatty, sugared, deep fried goodness all lined up in rows at twenty individual little restaurants all showing that their food will taste the best. They lure you in with the smells, and many even give samples to close the deal, so lets face it we are doomed when we enter the area from the start.

This is why I am such an advocate of the actual insurance policy of taking vitamins, because not everyone will change their diets and clean them up,so this is how we realistically deal with the daily routine we do put our bodies through. My thought is at least we have good nutrition entering our body, it is just the swallowing of it in tablet and capsule form, not the chewing kind.

So live , be happy and make BETTER choices is what I say, and maybe you will decide one day to go the whole way, diet AND supplements, but until then, enjoy life.

So if you remember, add some extra B Complex for stress, and what I call herbal Xanax. Kava to take the edge off. Just remember with Kava, do not operate heavy machinery after taking, you might just not be able to handle that power drill.

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