Saturday, November 11, 2006


Today was a great day, I was able to see a bunch of customers and friends that I have not been able to see for a while. Not only do you establish greatly informed customers when you do what I do, but you also gain wonderful friends.

Today I was able to pick up and hear the great changes that are going on in some of their lives, also I was able to hear of some not so good changes that have been occurring, and I was so glad that I was able to be there to maybe provide a little guidance, and maybe a point in the right direction.

So today is all about being grateful for friendships still going on, old friends and acquaintances that I am running into all over the city, and when I travel, and for the new ones that are developing everyday.

Some foolish people say that a measurement of a man's success is something that is measured by the size of his wallet. A wise man will say a successful person is measured by the emptiness that will occur on earth when he is gone. I definitely believe the latter as I agree that we are a success as measured by our giving, our listening and our teachings, all of which I am lucky to be able to provide, and the funny thing, after almost three decades, I would not trade it for anything.

Stay healthy my friends, have wonderful day, and remember it is Veterans day, have some thanks in your heart for those that have protected our rights to say what want, live where we want and be here to talk about it.

A message to Joe, Adelle and the family, you are in my thoughts and prayers, please keep in touch and be that person I know so well, this will insure you will be calling the shots and fighting the fight.

Thank you.

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