Sunday, November 12, 2006

Dry lips, more common than you think

Dear Jeff why do my lips get so dry this time of year, they actually peel and I lick them which makes it worst?

This question was posed to me via e mail, and funny enough it actually came up the other night at a dinner training. The main reason this happens is due to dehydration, but that is not always the case. When I am asked what is helpful for this problem, the first thing I recommend is a heavy lip sealant, believe it or not I like Carmex, the yellow lid, not the one with eucalyptus with the blue lid, it burns.

Sometimes though, water consumption and dehydration may play a part, but it is not the main culprit, stress is. When you push yourself very heavily sometimes one of the symptoms, besides all the others are chapped lips to the point of cracking sometimes, and to ease the discomfort we will do things like like them, I mean a lot almost to a compulsion situation which causes more problems and leaves them looking not only chapped, but like you used lipstick around them. This is a way to further complicate the problem, licking them I mean. The best way to attack it is to move to a desert island and lay on the beach for the next ten years, if that is not an option we need to attack the stress both the causes and what is missing nutritionally.

First, increase your B- complex vitamins, try a strong one like Stress Calm,it is a timed released blend of B- complex Vitamins and herbs and will calm you and give you the energy you need to deal with your stress. Also, we have to consider that it could be n amino acid called L-Lysine deficiency. Many people have this, sometimes it can be one of the main causes for the herpes zester break out, also why we have canker sores, stomach sores and fever blisters, so we need to take it every day, about 1000mg, preferably on an empty stomach. Next the increasing of water and the drastic reducing of caffeine intake, I know, but these are the things to do to get rid of the problem.

Actually it is a very common problem, and actually pretty easy to take care of, although you may need to take a look at your life, your stress and stand outside the comfort zone and look in so you can see what needs to be changed, and then CHANGE IT!

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