Monday, November 27, 2006

Bladder and urinary tract infections

Today's question was sent to me, and as it can be a problem for so many women, and some men I thought it needed addressing. Dear Jeff, I always get urinary and bladder infections when the weather changes, is there a nutritional way to keep from having to take four months of antibiotics?

Actually, yes there is. In the summer months everyone consumes much more water and actual flushing beverages because it is hot. We dehydrate, but only because in the heat we actually feel the dehydration, and then you get sun stroke, and flushed and tired as you are still out in that same heat with not enough liquid. Most people consume so many liquids that the chance of dehydrating is very low. When the weather starts to change and we are in the seventies and eighties, and as we came from the one hundred plus degree weather, we start the gradual decline in consuming fluids. As the weather gets down into the fifties and sixties we consume even less, and the body starts to really feel the difference. By the time Autumn and Winter take hold, most people drink a very small amount of liquid, and when I ask them why, they say "I am not thirsty". Because the heat has gone away, they do not feel the dehydration so they do not satisfy the body and it's need for water.

Now is when they end up with in the next stage of dehydration, infections in the bladder, urinary tract infections, bacteria building up because of the system not being flushed, and all of a sudden they are sick. Painful urination, sore lower back over the kidneys, yeast infections, fever, and even disrupted menstrual cycles for menstruating women. Men can end up with urinary tract infections, kidney infections and prostate infections for the same reason.

It is amazing that more people do not drink water for the main reason, it is necessary for flushing the system and keeping things flushed out and impurities from building up, as well as all the other elimination problems. This brings about a whole other set of problems, constipation, and elimination problems, bad digestion, gas, bloating, heartburn and not being able to fully digest your food.

Just a few more reasons top drink water. You need to understand that water flushes and keeps things moving other wise when all of the insides are not being flushed out bacteria and infection will build up. When I was little and we would go hiking and camping we were always told that if you were to get lost or stranded, and you water supply ran out, only drink moving water. Why, ponds that stand still and have no current so bacteria builds up and you could get poisoned or die from the disease in the water. Streams on the other hand are always moving and your chance for fresher water is always better.

Remember, if you are prone to these infections, prevention can be your saving grace. Cranberry capsules, only a good quality please, Colloidal silver daily for viral and bacterial prevention, a natural herbal diuretic a few times a week can be beneficial too. There are also wonderful kidney and bladder support formulas that can help to make the organs healthier, and the number one thing to do is to drink water and cut back on your caffeine consumption.

So, let's try to make drinking water the best thing you can do, not only for prevention of bladder and urinary tract infections, and helping with getting rid of all of the toxins you build up in your body, but just because you need to and that's all. Remember people with beautiful radiant skin and hair are some of the best water drinkers around.

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