Thursday, November 16, 2006

Feeling a little frazzled, time to regroup

Are you ready for the holidays? Can you believe they are here? I am amazed that this year is gone, but in some instances it seems like it has been a long drawn out year. I think stress plays the most important role.

Stress keeps us from getting a good nights sleep, it affects memory, it can affect your immune system and keep you from recovering from illness. Stress can change mood, your relationships, your work performance, friendships, even the relationships you have with your animals. It can keep you from doing your hobbies and pursuing your dreams and focusing on the things in your life that need attention.

Moral of the stress story, attack it before it attacks you. Tackle all the things that cause and prolong the stress in your life and change them. Whether it is a relationship, a job, a financial situation, a bad friendship, too much medication and a Doctor that will not work With you outside the standard box or even nutritionally, change them all if needed. The thing to remember is if stressful situations are not fixed, controlled or changed or ended, they will fix, control, change or end you.

Always make sure you never stop your nutrition during these times, you and your immune system cannot handle it. Take a great multiple vitamin or a program like the NSP, take extra B Complex, Calcium , Valarian and Melatonin if you need them at night to help you sleep. Monitor your bad junk food intake and you caffeine consumption, remember a healthy body and mind can think and function clearer. Also, this is the time of the year when stress accelerates due to the holidays, sit down, focus and re- group and try not to dig any more financial and unfixable situations that will come back to haunt you after the New Year, and remember to make the changes needed to make YOUR life better, try thinking you first for a change, and for most ,thinking it for the first time in your life.

We all need to take care of ourselves first because if we are in a bad situation we are no good to anyone else, including ourselves...Now go take a hot bath or jacuzzi and get all your ducks in a row and think ME ME ME.

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