Saturday, November 25, 2006


So how are you faring over this holiday weekend. It seems like, from the e-mails that most people are actually in the holiday spirit. I am still getting requests from individuals though asking about things for stress and mood problems. It is easier for me to just give a few tips, than to ask them to read back through the blogs to find some answers.

It really does not matter where your stress comes from, or how long it has been going on. A bad day of stress can do psychological damage as well as years of stress, and stress for one person may on the grand scale be nothing for someone else and visa versa. So no matter where, why, how long or what is causing your stress, it can affect everything involving your mental and physical and spiritual health.

Try and make sure you are eating and getting enough protein, it is so important to feed and fuel the body and brain. Cut back a bit on caffeine, and really try to relinquish your personal parking spot at your favorite fast food restaurant. Do some kind of activity that involves cardiovascular movement for you circulation and blood supply and for mental health as well as physical well being.

The supplements you may try are B- complex, as much as 200 mg of a great timed released formula, Valerian root daytime or night time, Passion Flower herb for relaxing, and of course Kava to help de- chill you so focus is clearer. Sometimes by making just a few changes and better decisions, as well as deciding if what is causing the stress is worth living with, dealing with or you being subjected to it on a daily basis can be a great start. Many people dwell on stress day after day and night after night with no rest, and this is when it completely consumes your life, but it does so in a negative and damaging way.

Most people that make the final decision to make a change find it is life altering whether it is a job change, a relationship change, a move across the country, or just people in your life that have been on your last nerve forever.Whatever the cause, making the decision to stop it or change it is priceless, and may just change your life.

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