Thursday, November 30, 2006

Dry nose and dry ears

Dry skin is an issue we all deal with, but today I want to talk about dryness that comes about due to inclimate weather. Not the normal dry skin, but the annoying dryness in the nose and ears. This is a major problem this time of year as the warm moisture has gone away and has been replaced with dry, windy and cold air. This weather is what causes dehydration especially in our body areas that need moisture.

Nose bleeds and ear infections are a daily problem during the winter months.Most people do not know that this problem can be remedied very easily by just a daily few steps that can eradicate this problem forever. Go to your health food store, one that carries high quality products and pick up some Mayumi Squalene oil. This oil is not only for helping with dry skin and helping to fade wrinkles on the face, it is also the finest grade oil that can be used in the nose and ears.

Wet a Q- tip and squeeze out the water, put some of the oil on the Q-tip and swab up inside the nose. Repeat this until you can actually feel the moisture in the nasal passage. Repeat this day and night through the winter months. Not only will you not have nose bleeds, or dry skin and scabs in your nose, but you will help to keep down swelling and can actually breath better. With the ears, do the same thing, only just going inside the ear, always be careful when putting small objects in the ear canal. If you are prone to ear aches you can also put a few drops in the ear and let in drain down inside the ear a few times per week, and this can be done with children as well.

These few steps can save you so much time, trouble and annoyance during the winter months. If you suffer with dry ears and a dry nose you know how irritating and ultimately painful it can be. One more thing, if you are prone to nose bleeds pick up some Super C Complex and use about 3000 mg daily to keep the capillaries more flexible so they do not break as easily, and of course drink as much water as possible.

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