Sunday, November 5, 2006

Fat, the worst three letter word I know

Lets talk fat. Not just the stuff we all cover up with clothing and try to conceal, but also the fat inside the body. You know the stuff that floats around and clogs our arteries turning a four lane freeway into a one lane drive way. Also the stuff that builds up around out organs and actually keeps them from doing their job, like the liver. Lets address the best and fastest way to attack that three letter word we all hate so much, FAT!

The funny thing is we all act the same way when we are overweight and battling the bulge. We buy clothing and ask the people we are with, not if the like the style or the color, just does it make me look fat. Lets be real, if you are overweight everyone knows it, most people do not care, nor should they, but we have a tendency to remind them by sharing our latest endeavors with the battle over and over and over. Like I said yesterday, just do it , shut up and let them notice. Remember, when you are overweight, no matter what you wear it is not ever going to take it away, you make look great but underneath you are the same. So if it bothers you that much, change something.

It is kind of like a man balding, and I can say this because I have been shaving my head for years after I gave up the fight to ever increasing scalp territory. When you comb it over you are not fooling anyone, so why do it, shave it cut it short, it will look better and you actually will look younger. We all need to realize that the biggest battle we have with the bulge is in our own minds, and maybe rather that thinking about it twenty four hours a day, and spending a lot of money trying to cover it up, maybe, just maybe you should get rid of it once and for all.

We have talked about the diet and about the exercise requirements. but doing it is a personal and intimate decision you have to have with yourself and really nobody else. So when you do start, there is a nutritional tool that you should consider.

It is called Lipotropics. It is a concentrated form of a fat emulsifier that the liver, if it is healthy produces called Lecithin. The Lipotropics stimulates the liver to cleanse itself, and emulsify fats in and around the liver and make it work more efficiently. It lowers cholesterol and raises good healthy cholesterol, as well as helping the brain due to the choline in the base. It is also a non stimulant fat burner, actually one of the originals, before they added harmful stimulants that many people could not use. This product can be used by anyone including not only high cholesterol reduction seekers, but also those looking for help with obesity, memory problems, digestion disorders, fat emulsification in and on the body, cellulite and adipose belly fat buildup, as well as alcoholics and individuals with cirrhosis and hepatitis. There is also another category: those individuals the drink daily, but not to excess and anyone on pain medication or medications that are hard on the liver like statin drugs. The Lipotropics can help to support and overworked and overtaxed liver.

The only requirement is to take a dosage that will suit your many situations. Some people take as many as three to four tablets with every meal. I just recommend lots of water to flush out all of that fat that the Lipotropics loosen. So add this to your cleansing routine, or just bring it in as an addition to your vitamin selection you are already taking, I guarantee it will not let you down. One more thing, when you flush out the bad fats and good fats can then be absorbed correctly, your hair and skin and nails will reflect the difference very quickly.

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  1. Wow, Jeff, this is great news. Thank you for taking the time to post these informational comments. See you soon at the store.