Thursday, November 9, 2006

Indian summer usually equals the flu

Talk about Indian summer,November and very hot today here and in California, and like I say every single year, beware of the Indian summer you are asking for the flu.

After a few weeks of cooling down, after we complained all summer about the heat it warms up and we all run out in our shorts and t shirts to go Christmas shopping, there is something wrong with this picture, but I digress. So we go out to enjoy the day and then the sun goes down and you have been in a germ filled environment all day and then you go out, of course without a coat, you catch a chill. You do not think much of it until two days later when your body aches , your nose is running, you are warm with a fever and of course you have to go to work.

Moral of the story, this time of year, layer the clothes, you can always add and take away pending on the weather. Never go out in the evening without something to throw over that covers your chest, a little chill goes a long way in the bad direction. The rest you already know, wash your hands frequently, drink a lot of water, take your supplements, and get some sleep. These are the basics that are so simple that we do not do them. It always amazed me when someone says, that's it, or that's nothing, I know from that point on, they will not do it, most likely because it is too easy to believe.

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