Sunday, November 26, 2006

Taking charge of our digestive and elimination systems,

A subject so many people ask me on the side or email me about is constipation. You would think that they felt that they were the only people in the world that had this problem.This morning on my radio show I talked about Madison avenue and how they sit back and just watch the lazy Americans eating all the garbage and then produce products to suit the Needs of that same group.

The next time you go to the Drug store, look around at the constipation, gas, bloating and heartburn isle, it is not even a section anymore, it is an entire isle. This will let you know that about seventy percent of people in the country suffer from one form or another of this problem. So when seventy percent of America goes into the small room every day, as many times as they go in there, THEY have the same problems you think you alone have. Maybe knowing this you will be more comfortable talking about this problem.

I think, now to get serious, that colon cancer would not be such an epidemic with increasing fatalities every year if we could talk about it more openly. I have always said the we, Americans again, do not talk about what is out of sight and out of mind. I have said if we were to wear our organs on the outside of our body and everyone could see them, we would take better care of them.

Like our skin , hair and nails, vanity keeps us, well most people on top of these areas. But if everyone in the world could see that you were not taking care of yourself because they could see that your organs were not healthy, they would let you know." Hey, you ought to do a cleanse, that colon looks awful". "You better slow down on the high cholesterol food, that liver looks really fatty"."Has anyone told you your stomach looks as if the transit time is really slow, better take some enzymes". The results would be amazing, and everyone would take an interest in the health as a necessity, mostly because of new renewed health concerns, but mostly, VANITY.

So this is the thing. I want to help you cleanse out the system, and in doing so e -mail you back a diet and cleanse combination with some supplement needs addressed as well. If you need this, or have anyone you know that has elimination, digestive, gas, bloating or heartburn problems, send me an e- mail and I will send it back. If you or anyone you know is on reflux medication, let's do something to get you or them off of it as soon as possible.

Sometimes, going to the source of the problem is the direct way to solve it and not just be lazy, comfortable and sitting back so the medication can cover it up. You may just find that you can eat the foods you miss so much by cleaning up your act , so to say, and cleaning house thereby giving your body back the tools it needs to do it's job.

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