Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Ear infections

You start that weird feeling and then your ears feel like they are on fire. Your child complains that they are not feeling well and they keep touching their ears, the time is here, winter ear aches.

Ear aches can throw off your equilibrium, affect your ability to sleep, impair your hearing, cause salivary infections, lead to sore throats, cause fevers, affect you chewing capability, and actually affect your memory. Ear aches should not be taken lightly as they have the ability to cause more health problems, and can also be a sign of an even larger problem.

At the first onset of an ear ache, put about 6-8 drops of colloidal silver in the ear, follow a few minutes later with some cotton, and in a half hour do the other ear as well. Ear aches seem to jump from one ear to the other, so this way you can be ahead of the inevitable. Next put a teaspoon of colloidal silver in a shot glass of water, swish gargle and swallow, this will help the throat as well as working internally as a viral and bacterial preventive and medicinal antibiotic, with no side effects.

Internally, take three thousand or more of a complex Vitamin C, at least a couple of times per day, as well as some Echinacea and Golden seal, and some Body Well for your immune system.

Remember to stay away from all gluten, wheat and dairy products. You do not want to produce any more mucus as it will build up in your head , and develop into a post nasal situation and then your hearing could be impaired as well. This will make a drastic difference, so listen to your body and at the first sign, do what is necessary to attack it head on.

Remember, people have permanently lost their hearing from ear infections, do not become a statistic, or let your child become one either.

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