Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thanksgiving eve, such a relaxing night!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving Eve. So are you at home snuggled up with your family watching a movie, drinking egg nog and relaxing because you did all your preparation for the holiday ahead of time, NO. Chances are you are right now fighting traffic going to or from the store, because like every single year that you have said you would do it all early, you are doing it last minute once again.

Do not feel bad as I know exactly what is going on right now, Chances are you are at your local grocery store and either shopping or braving the check out line. If you are in line you are trying to keep your composure but everyone in front of you is actually writing a check ,have they not heard of debit cards you think to yourself? Of course more than half of their items need a price check, and you know how fast that will go at this time of night on a holiday eve. You start thinking not so very holiday thoughts under your breath, and then after about forty five minutes that inside voice starts getting a little brave and you are now saying it on the outside, and really do not care at this point who hears. So how am I doing, is it like I have a camera there watching?

If you are still one of the millions that wait until the night before a holiday or event to shop, you know what is left; broken tiny string green beans, turkeys that are so frozen solid it will take an all night soak in the jacuzzi to get them thawed out, the ugliest small little potatoes and you guess it, no rolls, not a roll in sight. At this point you have now changed the menu and have settled for apple sauce instead of cranberries because they are all gone, and that Rhubarb pie will now substitute for pumpkin pie, and you also know you will not hesitate to wrestle that eighty year old lady to the ground for the last container of cool whip. Look at yourself, look at what you have become just to top that pie with creamy goodness.

We just need to realize that no matter what we do to not be a procrastinator, it really takes more that the words coming out of our mouths to make a change. It is a very difficult thing to change overnight and become an organized person and suddenly do things on time or early and actually be able to enjoy it too. Some people say we need to take classes to organize our lives because when simple things like holiday shopping is such a disaster, it is usually a sign that most everything in our lives is being procrastinated on and put on the back burners. Like dieting, taking our supplements, finishing projects, doing laundry, attaining our goals and aspirations, you guessed it, just about everything.

They say these professionals can help us with this, I agree, but I am thinking more along the line of an exorcism, or having a full surgical frontal lobotomy, something major as we procrastinators are such a mess. We have wonderful intentions, the best, but like they say, the road to the grocery store the night before a holiday is paved with great intentions.

So hopefully you are not in jail for starting a brawl over the last container of cool whip, and you actually made it home after all of the road rage and wonderful waves and gestures you made to everyone that happened to look your way on the way home. So yes, have a glass of wine, hug you other half, hug the kids, give the animals a hug too and put on some great music and take a hot bath. Then keep saying to yourself those wonderful words from the Wizard of Oz, "There is no place like home".

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