Friday, November 24, 2006

Black Friday

Well, the holiday season is now in full swing, and I am hoping the tools I have given you will actually be something you listen to. As I visited the malls and the stores today watching, shopping and being pushed and shoved by crazed people on impossible missions ,I just leaned back and laughed.

I know that tonight at least fifty percent of the people that were up at three o'clock to be the first in line to bring the big and flashy prizes home from the the malls,whether they did get what they were in search of or not, will be sick tonight.

People were coughing, and grabbing, I saw kids looking for their parents and parents screaming for their kids and really to be honest, it was a hoot to watch and actually be out in this crazy mess.As I hummed and sang along with the music today, I decided that what people deem the holidays are all about is now this entire process that begins today on "Black Friday".

I am hoping that because you know that you cannot control the germs coming at you. that you took the necessary precautions nutritionally, like Body Well, and extra Vitamin C, Echinacea and Golden Seal. That you took time to carry a water bottlle with you, and did not rely on three trips to Star bucks to be your only hydrating attempt at putting good liquids in. That you took time to eat something and not let your immune system start to become weakened. That you squirted some Graces Colloidal Silver up your nose, and when you got home you did this whole process again to fight those Black Friday holiday germs we all love to be out amongst. I know that many of you heeded this information, but I know the rest of you will be e-mailing me for a quick fix or to do, to help out, and that is fine too.

I just wish we would take the precautions to stay healthy before we get sick. These germs are deadly and getting stronger every day, and the germs are here to stay, so we have to learn to live with them, and not allow them to move in. We have taken over prescribed antibiotics to the point where they barely work, not that they would work on a cold or flu anyway, so prevention is our only defense.

Remember, we innoculate our pets so we can have them with other pets and we are able to go to dog events and dog parks. Some people will actually say their dogs are innoculated but they may not be, so as long as ours are, we will be safe. So please, have this same priority with your own health, just in case you decide to be brave and face the malls over the weekend.

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