Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Today's question is one I have heard for years but thought it needed mentioning. Dear Jeff, what is the difference between timed released Vitamin C, and non timed released Vitamin C?

Many companies have tried to do a timed released formula, but many have actually tired wrapping and coating the tablet with wax, shellac, and heavy coatings thinking that if they are left in the stomach for a longer time that the consumer will absorb more. The problem is that most people that have a slow digestive system will many times end up passing those tablets out whole with no digestive action being taken at all. With age we want to be able to maximize the quality and effectiveness of our supplement tablets and nutrition, but they also have to be in an absorbable form that will work with any digestive system no matter what the age of the individual.

Since I have been at Great Earth, one of the many things that has kept me with this company is their patented timed releasing. It is a process of enrobing the tablet with vegetarian absorbable coatings, but it is the inside of the tablet that is actually timed released. When you break or snap the tablet you will find small little beadlets. Each of the beadlets are wrapped with different layers of coatings that break down at different acidity levels through the intestines. This process is not only effective and ground breaking, but it will work with the most apathetic digestive systems around.

These days absorbability is key because so many people have systems that digest very little, with Great Earth's system, they can insure that their multiple vitamins, Vitamin C, and B complex formulas work correctly.By using the highest quality raw products available it insures their quality miles above the average formulas on store shelves.

Like I have always said, "Some supplement companies do millions of dollars in advertising for products that do virtually nothing, when they should spend their money on raw products that make their overly advertised products actually work". Maybe then nutrition would be able to keep a good name in the media, rather than its reputation being ruined by a few very bad apples.

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