Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Getting old and falling apart

So what, in your opinion is the worst thing about getting mature, older you know old? To me, I think it is the idea that I have to remind myself to do things, and that I have to actually get mentally prepared for a change, and that it takes me forever to recover from just the smallest amount of activity.Also, it bothers me that if not for nutrition, I have no energy to do anything. The funny thing is, sometimes I like to take a month off and cleanse out the body, and although the cleansing is so wonderful for me, by the time I am done, I feel like I am eighty years old.

That is what is so interesting that within a month of getting away from quality nutrition we can feel so different. So to say that nutrition makes a difference is an understatement, because I know from experience that within a month your body can show your actual age brightly and vividly and it is not always a pretty sight. So the smart thing is to stay on you supplement program and keep everything functioning properly.

I always heard people say I have been out of this and that and how badly they felt, but since I rarely stopped anything I did not know exactly what they were talking about. After my first month off, I saw it oh so clearly, wow, I am getting older, and I do not want to feel like that ever again. If it means I have to take supplements and keep on them forever, no problem, why would I care as long as I feel so wonderful.

The most amazing thing I have ever been asked is how long should I use this multiple vitamin? With a straight face I have been asked this, and not just once, and I usually ask them back, when your car runs out of gas do you just drive around and not refill it? They usually look at me and say, it does not run without gas, and I usually ask them so how do you expect your body to run on today's stress and lousy diet in the polluted cities we live in with our overworked immune systems without some nutritional help everyday? That usually does it and we end up on the same nutritional conversational level. I know this because I usually will get an OH!!!, and I know we are good.

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  1. good one Jeff. This is Judi Glaspell and I sent this to my sisters computer so I could read it, I can't at work.
    I almost feel like I am talking with you by reading these! I would still rather talk than read but I will take this for now. Keep up the good work!