Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Feeling older than your years?

Have you ever woke up in the morning and your body seemed like it had been hit by a truck? So many people, because of their diets and lack of exercise, and the abundance of caffeine they drink have mineral deficiencies.This is most noticeable as more and more younger people are having arthritis pains being seen at a younger age.We also are seeing muscle, ligament and skeletal diseases like Lupus and Fibromyalgia now more and more common everyday.

The was a time when you would hear someone speaking of their arthritis or as they would call it rheumatism or bursitis, but they were always elderly people and to have someone younger with these afflictions was not common place. It was a time when people worked hard their whole lives and they were getting older and accepted it as that and nothing else.

Now we live in the age of fast food, de-natured diets, inactivity, weakened immune systems and all being held together by the glue of the pharmaceutical industry. Athough we are living longer, our quality of life does not equal the quantity of life we are now living, nor will it ever again unless we stand up to the plate, if you will.

There was also a time when we would receive all of the minerals we needed for healthy bones, teeth, muscles and ligaments from eating our fresh vegetables and consuming dairy products.We need to remember that this was a time when vegetables and fruits were allowed to ripen on the vine and not sprayed with toxic levels of pesticides and chemicals.When dairy cows were not loaded with antibiotics and the dairy products did not have to be overly homgenized to the point where nothing was left in it other than white water.

Today our vegetables, most coming from south of the border are picked half way through the growing cycle and not allowed to completely fortify the vegetables with the last stage of ripening when most of the nutrients are developed, and brought on trucks along with the fruits to holding houses. They are then synthetically ripened with gases when inventory is needed causing over ripening and sugaring of the fruits and giving us ripened vegetables with little to no nutritional value.

So with our life moving faster than ever and us not taking care of our bodies and our bones and joints, how could we not start having arthritis problems at such a young age? Pretty soon teenagers will be stricken with geriatric diseases like arthritis and osteoporosis, and why not they are already fighting adult onset diabetes, obesity, blood pressure and high cholesterol, it is only a matter of time until the rest of their youthful bodies break down.

So what should we? Eat as much fresh organic or at least fresh frozen vegetables and nothing from a can. Exercise and do resistance exercises that will strengthen your bones and skeletal framework. Keep hydrated and eat plenty of healthy dairy, and healthy grains.Try to consume much less fast food, deep friend snacks and keep your caffeine consumption to a daily minimum. Take the best calcium you can, I like the Porta mins Cal-Mag 600-300, or the Multiple Mineral made by Great Earth, it is chelated for maximum absorption, also I like the Mezotrace if there is already some pain in the skeletal and muscle system.

Something to remember, just because you may get your products in a health food store does not mean it is always high quality.Some stores do not exercise discretion when stcking their stores while others do. I always ask consumers how they feel?Are you sore? How is your arthritis? Do you get leg cramps or have sore muscles? If they say yes, I usually ask them what minerals they are taking. Most people will say they have been using this or that product for many years, and I usually say why would you continue to use something that does not help you? Most people after thinking about it will say it is just a habit. I then say "lets try something else that will work better and stop going through the motions".There usually is no argument from them because pain speaks loudly, but only if you will allow yourself to listen.

It is definitely time for us as a nation to stop living a geriatric lifestyle when we are not there yet.

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