Monday, November 20, 2006

Winter skin, are you suffering yet?

Does the weather this time of year seem to dry you out completely? I think there are many factors that add to this problem, and for some of us it is not only annoying, but painful. Dry skin can be on the top layer of skin or can go deep down into the meaty tissue, and this is where the pain comes about, as you get into nerve endings and tender tissue. It always seems like when this happens, it is in the areas that are the hardest to heal like in between the fingers, the elbows, the feet, around the mouth, and generally the areas that are the most exposed seem to take the brunt of the problem.

I really feel, if you take a look at the summer months when we are overly hydrated, we rarely have this problem, but in the winter months, water is something most people do not think enough about. It is not scorching outside, and we do not feel dehydrated, so we just skip the whole water thing completely. The funny thing is we actually need more water this time of year and we do not drink it, a little backwards actually. Women have more urinary tract infections, bladder infections and yeast infections and men will have more recurrent prostate infections in the winter because of this same dehydration and lack of water problem.

Did you every notice how healthy people look in the summer?, a little sun, wonderfully hydrated skin, a flushed out body all add to our summer glow. Then along comes winter, we over eat and turn on the heat everywhere we go, we over dress, the skin gets chaffed, our skin looks grayish and when spring comes about most people go crazy when they see themselves for the first time in a pair of shorts and a t -shirt, but we do it every year and the cycle continues. It is almost commical, we do not notice anything different until that first warm spring day when we shed the winter garb, and we look in the mirrir and say" wow, what hapened to my body and my skin, when did this happen?"We really are a strange group when you think about it!

So here are some helpful hints for this dry skin conundrum. Drink plenty of water whether you want it or not, use a high quality lotion for the skin and a penetrating oil for the face, I still recommend the Mayumi Squalane lotion, and the Squalene capsules taken internally to help the dryness in the skin. Flax oil is always an added plus for the skin as well as all of the wonderful body repairing and nutritional repairing properties it has.Using olive oil as your salad dressing will also do a little internal lube and oil , and can be mixed with the flax oil and a little apple cider vinegar for another way to fit them into the daily food routine.

These few changes and additions can help to prevent many health problems and help your skin to look not as weathered and dried out, and sore, and even unhealthy and unsightly. Doing these things will give you a glow through the winter months, or do nothing at all and let your skin age quicker than it needs to. So many people wish they had taken better care of their skin as now cosmetic surgery is being used to correct the lack of attention the gave their skin. Women and men are spending literally thousands of dollars every year on cosmetics to get that great skin back that they would still have if they did the right things along the way.

l always say," your skin is the window to your true age, you do not have to act, feel or look your age, so keep them guessing"!

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