Sunday, November 4, 2007

Why did I walk in this room and where did I park my car?

Have you ever had one of those days that made you feel you left your brain somewhere else other than in your head? I think it is just so frustrating when you forget the simplest things like a name or number or why you walked into a room. They say it is all a sign of growing older but I really feel in many cases it is stress, the stuff that gets us all tied up in circles to the point where we do not know if we are coming or going.

I mean when we get away from the bump and grind of work and the day to day stress, it seems that our brains go back to normal, so what do we do to help us while we are in the stress of the moment, and we need to be at our mental and focal best? They always say that cardiovascular exercise is a good start and I really do agree as it really does get the blood circulating and forces blood to the starved areas like our overloaded brains.

I was at the mall today and when I was leaving I noticed about four or five people walking aimlessly around the parking lot looking for their cars. Is it that they had so much on their minds when the parked that they did nit pay attention. Could they actually be on the other side of the mall and they are not even in the correct lot? Yes, is the answer, when we are concentrating on so many things we lose the simple short term memory temporarily. It does return and when it does we are always so happy with ourselves.

I think that Disneyland has the right idea, they label their parking lots with the name of cartoon characters, I mean how hard is it to forget that you are parking in Goofy 4? I guess at one time it was a big problem so they re labeled. I guess the people that never found their cars are now the employees in costume everyday, they just kept them there and put them to work!

Nutrition may also be a great step. Avoiding white bleached flour and sugars and food that are empty in nature or has been emptied of nutrition by processing. Increasing nuts and seeds and green veggies and protein seems to be the direction we need to be heading in, and away from the other stuff that tastes great and does zero for our bodies.

What about a list of nutritional supplements that help focal attention. Ginkgo Biloba, Vinpocetine, Huperzine, Choline, DMAE, B Complex to name a few are the leading brain nutrients getting the best attention and feedback.

I am sure you read every day how we are living longer but at the same time dodging geriatric diseases that we should not be anywhere near facing for a few more decades. I myself feel, as do the best nutritional Physicians in the country that dodging the bullets with an arsenal of diet and exercise and nutrition that we can definitely slow down the aging process and avoid the mental grim reaper.So do not despair when you cannot finish a thought, or when you walk into a room and have absolutely not a clue why you are there. And do not worry when you are at the mall and you cannot find your car, just go back in and do some more shopping and pretend it was just a fresh air break. I guarantee the short term memory stuff will come back if you take better care of the one organ that needs some TLC on a daily basis, your brain!!!

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