Monday, January 7, 2008

Week one down, are you still on course?

So how has your first week of your New Years resolutions gone so far? I think, believe it or not, it has been a very successful week for most people. From all of the emails I have received I think people were a little more motivated or a little more disgusted at how they treated themselves last year. Whatever the real reason, congratulations.

They often say that breaking an old habit or creating a new good or bad one takes about three weeks, so in a few more weeks you will be able to better see if you have made it over the hump and started making these changes a more permanent solution.

I hope that for all of you that this is the year you succeed with any and all changes you have wanted for a long time and also that all of your transitions be smooth, semi painless and that you see such great benefits that you never look back.

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