Friday, December 19, 2008

Good Night! R U sleeping or staring at the ceiling?

How do you sleep at night? When asked this most people say, I go to bed and I wake up in the morning. Daah!! What I am interested in having you do is to take a look at are you getting the rest you need and deserve, or are you just going through the motions?

Think before you answer these questions.

1) Men, do you get up more than once or twice per night and have trouble going back to sleep again. If yes, it could be stress or it could be time to get your prostate examined to find out if you have prostate enlargement, which could cause frequent urinary elimination or the urge during the night. Remember, there are many natural remedies that can and are very successful with prostate problems.

2) Do you get leg cramps frequently or Charlie horses in your legs? This could be over or under worked muscles, and a sign that you need to take a chelated multiple mineral supplement as well as some supplemental calcium and magnesium. We heal the muscles and joints when we sleep so having minerals in the system help this process and keep the body from robbing needed minerals from our muscles that cause us to cramp.

3) Are you the person who cannot shut down your head? You take work and personal problems and stress to bed with you and you dwell and cannot stop thinking. Are you always thinking about what could happen before it does or dwelling on the days or past weeks to the degree that you could not fall asleep if you wanted to? There are great nutritional supplements to take for this as well before you jump into the addictive pharmaceutical drugs.

We need to remember, if sleep is a problem for you at any age get some nutritional help. If you do not get rest you actually are causing your immune system to become faulty, putting stress on your body and heart, keeping your body from healing and repairing, causing cloudy and foggy brain activity and affecting your memory.You will also age faster and visibly show the signs of aging. Now that should be enough for you to do something, and quick!

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