Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Time zooming by

Lately time has become an issue that has been on my mind, and has me wondering. Not time in itself, but how fast time seems to be going. I have always heard that as we get older time can seem as if it is zooming by so fast that you fell as if you are missing life, and I am beginning to think it may be true.

I remember when I was younger, time, and the speeding up of time was something every kid I knew used to celebrate the parts of the years we wanted most to be in at that time. Summer vacation, holidays, spring break, new years, birthdays, vacations and of course the last day of school every year. I know I myself would count the days down to each and every one of these events throughout the year.

We could do the things we wanted and the things that needed to be done never seemed urgent, but today, procrastination can be life altering, and in some cases may kill you. Today, everything from paying bills, being on time for work, getting the trash out, celebrating events all have time restraints that need to be met. Even if you do not want to be held to a time period in your personal life, too bad, we are. The other thing is how we cannot, as adults put things off, that when we were younger we never would have thought about twice. Doctors visits, check ups, Dentist visits, picking up medication from the pharmacy, staying stocked up with your nutritional supplements are all now things that need to be first and number one on our priority list.

Today when things are urgent, they are urgent for a reason, and we should pay heed to them or suffer the consequences. How many times have you attended a funeral, or been sitting in a hospital waiting room when someone, who should and did know better did not follow the urgency of things like diet, exercise, stress reduction, supplements, check ups, weight loss, getting enough sleep? The same person who always said, I will get around to it, and didn't, and now may be in a bad life altering situation.

I feel that as we get older, and life is zooming by, and we are overwhelmed with the day to day things that loom over us every day, we need to stand back and take an importance inventory. We need to rate all the things on this overwhelming list of things to do by urgency, importance, necessary, would be nice if it was done, and of course, pipe dreams. This simple technique will force you to become a priority in your schedule, will remind you to stay on top of THE most important things, eliminate the must do today cloud, space things out to cause better life balance,and hopefully keep you on the most important path, Great health!

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