Wednesday, November 11, 2015

On your mark, get set... go!!

It is that time again.. The end of the year, holiday, eating out of control, stressed out season..It is a fun time of the year, but many of us pay the price for a few months into the new year, a time when we are supposed to be getting healthier! Although our hind sight gets very clear after the fact, maybe a few small tips or changes or adaptions could make it a little better in long run.
   First, diet.... Just because there are plates of cookies and cakes and candy out on every table does not mean you have to eat your fill, or eat them at all. It also does not give us the right to stop feeding our body with healthy food...Vegetables, fruits, healthy protein and whole grains are still important, and we do not get a free pass to ignore them.
  Second, sleep..You need it, and without enough of it you will get run down, stressed out and sick. If you need to use some herbal supplements to get a good night of sleep, please do, they work wonderfully.
  Third, slow down, chill out, and decompress. Everything will get done, and if it does not, so be it. The stress we have that we cannot control is hard enough, putting added stress on your life and mind can be controlled. You may have to say No once and a while, it is what it is, and your body will thank you for it.
  Fourth, take your supplements, drink your 8 glasses of water whether you are thirsty or not, and take some me time to keep balance in your life.
  If you have a history of being sick every year, get to the best quality health food store in your area and adjust your supplements to help guide you through this crazy, fun and sometimes out of control season.
On your mark, get set...

here we go!!!

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