Thursday, April 10, 2008

How is your allergy season going?

So, how are you doing this allergy season? It seems to be a the worst one in a while in many parts of the country and in Las Vegas it is awful. There are some wonderful things for relief that are easy to use and some basic dietary restrictions that can ease you through the rest of the season.

First of all, as you know mucous is a major culprit that causes annoying symptoms. This one problem causes runny noses, scratchy throats, chest congestion and also carries bacteria into our lungs which can quickly inhibit our breathing and lead to bronchitis and chest infections. If you are privy to these problem,s try cutting out all dairy, wheat and complex carbohydrates for a few weeks. Anything white, or sweet will also cause problems. I am the first to say eat n "ATKINS" type diet for a few weeks to allow your body to flush out old built up mucous while not adding any more.

Water and liquids are very important to keep us hydrated as well as diluting old mucous so it does not get thick and a gluey consistency, this is when it is almost impossible to clear out and gets stuck and coats everything. Using fluids often helps more than you think and as basic as it is to drink a lot of water many of you do not drink enough and our skin, bladders, urinary tracts and elimination cycles will let you know it if you would just listen to your bodies.

Next, let us focus on proper nutrition. Vitamin C in higher dosages, always buffered and in complex form and timed released is my favorite suggestion to insure proper success. If you usually use 2000mg per day, try doubling or tripling the dosage. Your intestines will let you know if you have reached your "bowel tolerance".

Next increase your B Complex for the stress on your adrenal glands and supplement extra pantothenic acid, or B-5 to support the adrenal glands. You might want to bring in an immune booster, make it a blend so you can cut down on the amount of products you have to take, Body Well is a wonderful combination that can be used during flu and cold season as well as allergy season. It combines all of the things that build and support our immune systems and help to keep us healthy and strong to fight against the things that weaken our defenses.

Just these few basic changes will make a great difference for any of us no matter where you live. As each part of the country has different types of plant growth and different types of pollens, all of the changes above are of benefit as they work on making us stronger. They allow our bodies no matter where we live and no matter what pollens we are dealing with to be stronger, healthier and help us to glide through the season.

If you have to use something from the drug store because your body is run down, go ahead, but as soon as you get your body tuned up try to phase it out and let the nutrition help your body do the job for you.

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