Monday, April 21, 2008

Plastic water bottles in the news

Today on the morning news they were talking about the damaging and health problems associated with of all things plastic water bottles. Plastic is of course loaded and made with chemicals, but on the other hand plastic has been a savior for us in almost every avenue of our lives. I do not think I could imagine life today without plastic for everything from car parts, medical supplies, security, technology, cell phones and the list continues.

The segment this morning was addressing the use of plastic in our drink bottles and re usable water bottles. I have in my mind always felt that a few refills will most likely not be a problem, but after over using and dishwasher cleaning what about long term use. They were speaking about how chemicals in the plastic could seep into the liquids we are drinking and possible affect our health negatively. I am sure much more testing will be done and I will keep you posted as I am very interested in where this will go.

As of this point I will go back to using glass or a steel water bottle, just for my own piece of mind. But I am also the clumsiest person I know so I will have to be careful not to drop my bottle like I do the plastic one I am used to using. I am also guilty of being a re user and re filler of bottles and use them for weeks at a a time. I always thought that reusing them would cut down on land fill debris, when I guess I actually should have just not used a plastic bottle at all. We should most likely think convenience for us for the moment and permanently in the landfills.
Maybe this will be a way to start doing a huge recycling campaign and pay by the pound to get people to recycle.
The picture above is my new filly, she is five days old here with her Mom.

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