Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Turning fifty

I have decided to spin my blog in a different direction. After years of talking about things in general that relate to health and over all well being, I have decided to switch the blog more to one subject for a while, weight loss.

After years of stomach problems and use of prednisone and having a life style that put me far on the back burner, I have let my weight get out of hand. Uncomfortable and starting to notice that I am not as flexible and comfortable doing my activities as I was in younger years. I am also thinking of what could be possibly coming my way down the road as far as my health. I am not willing to let that happen to me.
I have decided to make today the starting point and talk daily about what I am doing so that if you decide to jump in, you can at any time and join the healthy focus person group. As a nation we are out of hand, and maybe I can be the one to lead us all to a healthier, slimmer America.

I am going to focus more higher protein as carbohydrates have got us into the mess we are in, as well as high sodium and chemical based microwaveable food, eating through the window of our cars and sugar holding our hands day in and day out.

Making this easy is the hard part but I think sticking with it will be easy because I know we will get results quickly and this is motivating to keep us focused. I want us to remember these letters as this will make staying on this easy. These letters should be committed to memory. WF-FF-SS, it stands for white flour, fast food, sugar and soda. These are the things that are now permanently gone from our eating program. Just this in itself will make the difference between healthy weight an unhealthy weight.

Tomorrow we will get started and I will document foods used as well as the activities, I hope you will join in and be part of changing your own life once and for all.

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  1. Hi I ben having hard time sleeping and I tried you'r, tip the one about writing anything in mind befofe going to sleep and it worked. thankyou verymuch.By kuuipo