Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration day 2009

Are you one of those people that always wonder about things? I am, I often think to myself how is that person able to smoke all of those cigarettes for all of these years and never get cancer? Why is that person suffering from every disease possible when they are a vegetarian and exercise and never do anything wrong? I am not a person to question the actual divine reason for these things, but honestly it makes no sense to me whatsoever.

I am familiar with alcoholics that never have a sick a day in their lives, and drug attics that never get sick and never over dose. Then there are people that have unprotected sex and never get AIDS, when someone who makes a mistake one time gets infected.

Why a healthy child dies of Cancer or why a wonderful law abiding citizen and father dies of a dreadful disease and someone who has committed crimes that are unmentionable is able to survive on this planet until they are very old.

I really do wonder these things, and I think about them frequently, but as of yet I am no closer to an explanation than I was when I first ventured into thinking about this years ago.

I guess it all comes down to things we will never know, or maybe things we are not supposed to understand, I do not know.

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