Monday, January 19, 2009

Ever feel like you run all day long and you are still always behind?

Amazing as it is we are already at the 19 th of January. Time is going so fast for me, is it moving faster for you? They say that although time seems to be speeding by us, it is our own imaginations that perceive it as moving faster than normal.

The last time I was on vacation, about a hundred years ago, I realized that after about five days when I was just beginning to relax and decompress and de- stress myself, it seemed as if the days lasted forever. Maybe this is actually the key to why we are all running around so crazy.

Our great Grandparents had the same amount of time in their days and they worked hard physical jobs early in the day and yet still had time for good meals with the family all sitting down together, and even more time for hobbies and evening relaxing. Now take it, they really had nothing else to do because there were no toys and time saving devices like we all have in their lives today.

Do you think that because of the smart phones, mp3 players, big screen televisions, stereos, and computers, all of which are supposed to help us save time that they are actually using so much time that we are perpetually behind? I find myself signing on the computer to check e- mails and then doing this and then that and before I know it I have been sitting there for three hours! Then I am constantly running around all day trying to get caught up and the clock is ticking against me.
Maybe this is it! We spend so much time using devices to manage our time that we end up losing time, then running to get caught up with the perception that the day is moving too fast. But in reality, we have just found yet another way to goof off and procrastinate and still not get things done. I think I have solved the dilemma.

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