Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year

It is hard to believe that another year has slipped away, never to be seen again, but I am sure the remnants of last year will be with many of us. Downsizing and lost jobs, of course bad health and even worst choices, lazy lifestyles, and weight gain everywhere we look.

How many of you decided that this was yet another year to make a New years resolution, one that you already know you will not stick to? Now. how many of you decided that this was the year to finally make a change and do what you know you want and NEED to do for your sanity, your health, or just your well being and piece of mind? I bet more of you answered yes to the first question, but I still applaud you for taking the time to make a resolution at all. It means that you know something needs to be done, but you may not be ready yet.

What is it that makes us stick to a resolution? A brush with death maybe? Not being able to fit in an airline seat and being asked to buy two seats? Not being able to breath after bending over to tie your shoes? Snickers and voices you know are talking about you from behind your back? Or is it the DUI for driving under the influence that changed your mind this year, or that you were diagnosed with liver problems and told to stop drinking? Might be that yearly physical that discovered clogged arteries, spots on your lungs, high cholesterol, diabetes and blood pressure problems? Any or all of these little slaps in the head should be enough to do it for the average person, but many continue on the same path knowing full and well that they are heading on a path directly to the grave, and I guess have decided not to care.

I often wonder when I see these people with a destructive behavior and knowing there is a problem why they continue on that path, I have actually become quite good after the first confrontation and offer of help to politely bite my tongue. I mean it is really nobody's business as we are all adults and they are not doing anything illegal, even though they may be actually committing suicide, and I think that is illegal, or at least a sin, I think?

Well, bottom line, I take my hat off and applaud all of you that have decided to make a change in your life this year for WHATEVER reason that brought you to this epiphany. I hope and wish you every success in your endeavors and that you are able to finally get healthy and fit and all the things you set your mind to do this year. For the rest of you still climbing that mountain and not yet ready, you will be when and only when YOU decide to do what needs to be done, Good luck to you as well.

Happy Healthy New Year to all of you.

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