Friday, January 16, 2009

Miracles do happen

I have never been one to speak of miracles that happen, or that may have happened. I am a believer that things that have no explanation happen every day all around us. Some of things are proven or forced by the media to be coincidence and then there are those who love to over analyze happenings to have perfect explanations, I would rather just appreciate them and think someone somewhere is looking out for us.

Yesterday when US Airways Airbus A320, bound for Charlotte, N.C.,that took off from LaGuardia Airport had to make an emergency landing in the Hudson river, all of the onlookers held their breath. Unbelievably nobody was killed and all passengers and crew were accounted for and made it out alive. Although I grant thanks and skill to the pilot and staff and crew, in my mind I cannot think anything but Miracle, Miracle, Miracle.

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