Monday, January 11, 2010

Fifty years later and still a choice

It is amazing how many people have decided that focusing on "nutrition" is the "in" thing to do. Funny, back in the sixties people became health oriented and it was the in thing as well and many saw it is a fad or a trendy luxury. Here we are fifty years later and many of those people from the sixties are around and are healthy and still health oriented, and today nutrition is no longer a luxury, but necessity.

So what is the mentality and status of the majority of American citizens? Many are being held together with pharmaceutical band aids, others are striving to get some semblance of health, a lot of us are doing pretty well but are definitely aware that we can do better and just like the sixties, there will always be the group that feels that nutritional awareness is just a fad.

One great thing in America that is still a constant. All of us have the right to be as "nutritionally" oriented as we choose or as unhealthy as we want. I am hoping that because "health" has become a necessity and not a luxury any longer for many reasons that more of us will choose to make better choices and choose a healthy lifestyle.

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