Sunday, May 16, 2010

Best Intentions

Wow, I have not written in ages. I guess me like all of us get so busy that things we really enjoy get jammed on the old back burner. I know that for me, the back burner has become a storage unit , if you will, of the things I love doing but for some reason have not fit them in the picture.

I know I am not alone as so many of us have begun many things, tasks, projects and have aimed ourselves at goals for years and few of us have actually completed the things we set out to do. Not that we are bad people or that we cannot do these things, actually it is quite the opposite. Most of the people I know that have put personal things on hold are doing many things for other people and keeping others peoples lives in order so much that there really is not a lot of time left for them. I always say, if I did not have to sleep I could have another full time career, and I would.

So what are the things you have pushed on your back burner? Is it a hobby you were religious about doing and you can not remember when you enjoyed it or worked on it? Is it a journey to get in shape that every year in January gets a resurgence of energy for a week or two and like clothing that goes out of style gets shoved in the back of the closet? Is it a continuing education or classes you have wanted to take but at the end of the day you are so tired that once your butt is on that perfectly shaped dent in the couch and the remote is on your hand, it is over for the day? I guess there are many things we have all started out doing or thinking about with great intentions and for whatever reason we have put them once again on hold.

I think all of us need to learn how to say NO once and a while to everyone we constantly do things for who know this and that is why they keep asking, because we always do it. I think we all need to stop doing the"extra " stuff we really do not need to do and getting our own selves back to basics. And most of all, we need to take a day away from everyone and decide which of the many things we miss the most should we focus on right now.

I know this, for many of us "givers" and people who do not say no, but I guarantee it will be ultimately healthier, more enjoyable and honestly you will fell better than you have in a long time.

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