Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Today's kids

Have you ever wondered where all the kids are during the day? I do not mean during the school part of the day, but after. I see them getting off the bus sometimes, and I never see them again. I think back when we were kids and you could not get us in the house, and after chores and home work we could not wait to get out until it was time for dinner, and after dinner outside again until night fall.

 Now you may say back then we did not have cellular phones, x box, televisions in our rooms, computers and ipads, and I would totally agree. I have said often if I would have had all that technology at my fingertips life and school would have been a breeze. But may like the kids today I would have played on them as high priced toys rather than the tools they were meant to be. Are the kids of today truly any better for all of the technology and for having information at their fingertips, I would say no. They are, not to stereotype, but commonly lazy, over fed, overweight, rude, uncooperative and socially hooked to the world only through electronic devices.

They talk about the obesity problem, the ADD- ADHD problems and the lack of respect of children and the lack of focus most children have today. Almost daily I hear from parents frustrated about the lack of respect their kids give them and how they cannot get them to follow tasks, do chores or stay focused. The first thing they always say is we have had them to the Doctor and the Doctor said they need something to calm them down and keep them focused and paying attention. Pharmaceutical drugs, of course because that is what is used as a cookie cutter solution to all of these child hood problems. It seems like the common protocol is to quiet them down and numb them down at the same time. Is this getting to the solution? Rarely, but instead putting a blanket of the problems but keeping the annoying symptoms out of sight. I understand after being at your wits end as a parent every day, desperation takes over for many and for teachers as well. I see it with friends and clients, and I feel their frustration and lack of support from both school and the medical establishment.
So what is the solution, I am not sure, but I can bet having a healthy balance in your kids life is step one along with activity, a good diet and plenty of exercise and spending time with them would be a step in the right direction

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