Monday, July 22, 2013

Change can take some time...

Are you one of the people that when starting a healthy way of living expects dramatic results by tomorrow? Many of us want the results, and we will openly express our frustration when it does not happen as fast as we want it to happen. The thing is we have no sense of urgency the entire time we are living in an unhealthy state, but the day we start eating vegetables and drinking water, we want everything that is wrong with us to change.

Patience is a virtue that many of us were absent on the day they passed it out. The hardest thing to understand and wrap your head around is that getting healthy is neither fast or easy, but it is worth the time involved. Changing and relearning healthy ways to do many of the things you now do in an unhealthy manner is a process that takes time. I always feel starting the healthy journey while you are still healthy is the best way tio go, but whenever, even after finding out there are health issues can still make dramatic luife changes.

Remember to set your healthy life changing goals lower and attainable so you can meet them and reset the next goal. An example would be if you had 50 pounds to lose, the number 50 is overwhelming to most of us and most people will never get close to that staggering number. But break it down to 5 pounds monthly and start satisfying the goals today. We tend to set out of reach goals and then give up because we get no where close to satisfying them. When you set goals in an attainable manner you will soon be satisfying goals and feeling great. Also, small  baby steps in a healthier direction make the journey easier and much more attainable.

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