Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Motivating change

Sometimes I feel that when we say we are looking for a change, and we are thinking that we are tired of something we do every day, in my heart I feel we mean it. I mean we do want something to change, but I think we fall short with the actual work involved in getting the change to become reality.

Is it because we are creatures of habit? Maybe. Is it because we are too busy to fit everything into our schedule to give the change the focus it needs? Possibly... I think the real reason is we tend to Not do our homework, Not ask the questions necessary for us to be successful, and last but not least, I think it takes almost a do or die situation to light a fire under us to follow through.

Think about it, you have an emergency that takes you to the hospital, and close call medical situation, a bad blood or cat scan report, or your routine changes drastically because you are all of a sudden to sick to do what you normally do. These tend to be extreme motivators, and many times  they are exactly what someone may need to move forward.. Sad, yes it is, but somehow we now need these close calls to stimulate change. Change is no longer just a great idea, or something we Should do, it now needs to be something we have to do...

I think that if we adopted just a common sense approach to life and change, we might not end up in the do or die situations.

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