Thursday, April 10, 2014

Every moment is important

Over the years I have heard,  actually from the time I was quite young through high school, that life is way too short. I guess I compartmentalized this saying with all the other cliches and phrases brought to my attention throughout my entire childhood, until I needed them I guess, or when had the ability to seriously comprehend them. Personally, growing up I tended to spend more time with people that were much older than I was, and I think I am a more informed adult for it, because I tried to listen and learn from others success and mistakes.
Today I think we all tend to deal, live and prosper in the moment, or only in the past. We have learned to live for life's quick gratifications, and we have learned to dwell in the past for those great stories and experiences, or even the bad experiences or memories that we are unable to let go of and move away from. I think that living in the moment, as well as dwelling in the past can cause us to slide through life with blinders on, and I feel it is a major reason we miss a lot of other great experiences. I understand the overwhelming stresses we face daily, of course I have them as well, but letting them run and control your life is unhealthy. I also know that trying to live from experience to experience has caused me to miss a lot, and some of the good things were right under my nose and I stupidly let them zoom right by.
My Grand mother said something very memorable to me one time, and I will always remember it. She said life is just a series of seconds, moments and minutes, and that I should try to hold onto and enjoy as many of them as possible. One  day, later in my life I recalled the day she said this to me and I remembered the information she passed onto me. Since then, it has allowed me to have so many wonderful, and  memorable moments that were right there in front of me all along, that now I was able to enjoy.  The alternative is to put all of our eggs in one basket, and sit around waiting for that  time when our so called ship will come in day finally happens. If it does, make that day the cherry on top of an incredible sundae day, rather than waiting that one moment to be the actual sundae! Do this by enjoying every day up till that day happens.
My moral to all of this is to enjoy everything. Learn from all of your experiences, good and bad. Make sure you are learning from everything you experience, and taking knowledge from everything you do. In a short period of time you may just be able to discover how to have more of the great experiences and less of the bad ones, although all of them come with lessons to be learned.\
Celebrate life every day, and make amazing memories every day... all day long!

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