Thursday, April 3, 2014

Quick relief does not mean getting to the source..

Why is it that we gravitate to quick health symptom fixes today more than any other time in history? I think it is , at least partly that we have either forgotten that getting to the source of a health problem is the ideal solution, or we just do not care  what the real reason we ended up in this situation. Today almost all advertising is aimed at the "quick fix" and fast change solutions, and after hearing it all the time it is easy to start thinking that way, and expect it to be so.

If you have visited your drug store self care aisles lately you will see a field of snappy colorful packages that are worded in a way to catch your eye, and to have you pick up their product over any other. I get it,  we all  get annoyed with symptoms  from out of balance health conditions, so much that desperation sometimes takes over.

From colds and flu, to allergies,upset stomachs, constipation and diarrhea, I get it, the frustration that accompanies these annoying symptoms can be mentally stressing. I myself have used the quick fixes in the past, especially when an event, or work situation required me to be at my best. But I also know that even if I did choose to resort to a quick fix, I kept in mind that getting to the source of the health problem needs to be focused on as well. Band aid quick fixes are extremely common today, and some of us are actually convinced that we have corrected the problem when the symptom goes away, even temporarily. The hard part to comprehend is that when you cover up an annoying symptom you are actually just putting the actual health problem on the back burner as you get into a comfortable situation for the day.

Nobody wants to be sick, or wants to suffer with any bad symptoms, and with us being in a nation that sweeps our problems under the carpet because we do not want to"deal" with them, eventually the small problems manifest into major out of control problems that are even harder to deal with.

So how do we approach these health situations and deal with the annoying problems? Plus, how do we get to the cause of what is causing the annoyance and out of control symptoms? I think it comes down to allowing your body to do the job it was meant to do. Our bodies have the ability to fix, mend, balance, rejuvenate, rehydrate, repair and put us in a defensive mode, but it needs the correct tools to do the job. This is what we can do to provide the right tools for every job the body needs to complete. Getting back to the basics most of we taught when we were younger is essential. A great diet with balanced healthy foods, a great nights rest, exercise to provide strength, movement and hormonal balance, a positive attitude for a healthier brain, and supplements to fill the gaps created even by a great diet. This is the best, and most effective way to aim our bodies in the right direction. This may take longer, but when your focus is on the source and cause, rather than the now situation, you ultimately have a better chance of finally getting the results you have always wanted.

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  1. Jeff, I couldn't agree more. Sometimes it is easy to think, "I'll just pop a pill, and everything will get better." The onslaught of pop media messages, pharmaceutical advertisements, and targeted consumerism creates a misconception that all things can be solved topically (e.i. a pill, a cream, a spray, a chiropractic adjustment, or even a vacation). Problem is that doesn't get to the root of why with problem sprang up in the first place. Health is about endurance. Recently, the most unlikely of all my friends ran a 26.1 kilometer marathon. Watching the amount of time (a year and a half total), resources, money, energy and patience he invested made me realize good health is like running a marathon. It takes commitment and stick-to-it-tive-ness. He would have never crossed that finish line unless he first committed to the long road he traveled. He has never been healthier, physically or mentally.

    Thank you for the reminder that good health is a journey that begins with searching inward and sourcing out the root cause, rather than simply covering it up with a "quick fix".