Wednesday, April 2, 2014


The word change is most likely one of the most confusing words many of us come in contact with, and although the word itself can mean the process of leading us to a positive experience, we many times see only a negative outcome, another failure or difficult process. I think we have all become so entrenched in our lives that quick and easy resolutions, multi symptom relief products and daily living in an auto pilot mode has become both comfortable, and the norm.

With everything moving smoothly, and without thought, even though it may be uncomfortable, unhealthy or just bad for your quality of life, we are able to glide through each and every day without thinking of having to consider change. Through my thirty five year career I think I can count on one hand the number of people that were excited about the prospect of making a change in their life, but I can comfortably count thousands of people that were happy when the process had settled in, and the changes began to be comfortable, and as they saw and felt the difference the dreaded changes had made.

Change is something that we can have control over in many aspects of our lives, especially when it relates to the things we personally do every day. The foods we consume, the way we handle and deal with our stress, our outlook on life, our vices, activity levels, and even how we organize our daily routine. I am often reminded that there are many things in our life we cannot control, and I agree completely, but my answer is always to just change the variables that we can change. Obviously watching any news program today you will be inundated with world happenings that although heartbreaking in every aspect of the word, we sadly cannot change much of what we see and feel, but the things allowable for us to change can be life changing for each of us individually, which can lead to large scale changes.

If we were to look at the idea of changing our diets to only healthy foods, exercising daily,obviously whatever your body will allow you to do could have a domino effect never seen or thought of.  If all of us stopped eating processed foods, ate healthy and organic foods, switched to an anti inflammatory diet, lived in the moment with a positive attitude and regained our zest for life and living this country would escalate to the most healthy country in the world. It would allow us to back away from unnecessary medications, over the counter quick fixes, and reduce such a large part of the medical attention we need that there would have to be a complete revamping of the health care system. Most, if not all of the major health problems today are self induced from the lifestyles we presently live, and the vices and choices we make each day, as well as the health problems created by our own forks and spoons. Changing this American daily protocol from top to bottom with individual changes would be the most positive epidemic we have ever seen.

The problem is that each of us either in public, or secretly in private want a different state of living than we presently have. We all want to be healthier, in better shape, to be happier and to have a more positive life, but we treat it as a wish rather that a goal or quest, History reminds us of our weak past attempts that usually ended up in utter failure because we knew the word change was looming over head.

My dream has , and always will be for all of us to give ourselves more credit and have us stick to these attempts for at least 30 days, at that point enough of a noticeable change will have occurred to keep us on track. There is  nothing better than the face of a person who has finally achieved a long attempted goal, and this time success had prevailed. This kind of change is priceless and amazing to see and experience.

Somewhere, and sometime we will all remind ourselves that we deserve to be happy, healthy and incredible, no matter how many attempts it may take. My Grandmother always said to never settle for anything but reaching for the stars, I think I finally get it...

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