Tuesday, September 9, 2008

As summer heat begins to slip away

So another hot summer is coming to a close, which means only one thing, STRESS is right down the road. Around the corner from stress buildup are the holidays and getting sick during flu and cold season is next in line.

The preparation for holiday stress and flu and cold season are actually very closely related. The better your immune system is charged up the less effect stress will have wearing you down, and adversely the better you handle and are prepared for stress the less wear and tear it will have on your immune system.

Make sure to eat and make better food choices daily including lots of green vegetables and purple and red fruits. Both of these are powerful for fuel and loaded with anti oxidents to keep your system strong and give you wonderful energy. Although it is starting to cool down and you may not be as thirsty, continue to drink extra water daily so not to dehydrate. Missing this step of drinking water is a major reason the risk of bladder infections, yeast infections and prostate irritation and infections go up every winter season.

Exercise is of course at the bottom of every one's list, but a little extra effort can keep your entire system running better, faster and the way it was meant to run. It can also keep you from gaining holiday weight and keep blood pressure and cholesterol levels down during the season of stress and bad eating and holiday foods.
Supplementation is very important so make sure you are using a strong Timed released Multiple Vitamin, a supplemental Vitamin B Complex, Timed released Vitamin C, a strong antioxident, a multiple mineral and keep in mind a digestive enzyme for maximum absorption of your supplements and your food.
If you are having specific health problems make sure to only deal with trained staff and knowledgeable people to guide you through your nutritional choices. I am afraid to say many of us have good intentions with our nutrition, but we are I guess to proud to ask for help or guidance and make bad or poor choices.

I always feel if you are going to take nutritional supplements and drive to a specific store, make sure the store first of all has a well trained staff and that the store offers a choice of only high quality nutritional supplements. If the best they have is the worst quality in another location, LEAVE!

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