Friday, October 17, 2008

Here we go again, FLU SEASON

Good morning everyone. Wow, what a busy month it has been for me and all around me. Four of my dogs delivered their litters this month and it will of course be a very busy fall and winter at my house.

I just returned from New York and along the way both in the airports and in the airplane people are already sneezing and coughing as the flu cold season is upon us. I have learned that when traveling I change my nutritional routine, but lately I have decided to keep it consistent on a daily basis for the entire season. Living in Las Vegas is like traveling around the world every other day. People are here vacationing and leaving money, it's Vegas remember, and germs in the city.

I am often told by people that they never go to the casinos, but when you think about it, all of the people that work in the casinos, and are exposed to germs on a daily basis go to all of the places you normally go. If you go to the grocery store, the gym, any mall, almost anywhere, you might just as well have been sitting in a casino.

The moral to this situation is be prepared every day no matter if you are visiting tourist locations or not. I am always asked is it hard to stay healthy this season, and the answer is no, just go back to your basics on everything.

1) Drink more water, eight to ten glasses daily. It is a little harder because most of us are not as thirsty this time of year, force yourself.

2) Take a strong timed released Multiple Vitamin, once or even twice daily, with food.

3) Take a triple amount of Vitamin C, make sure it is buffered and in complex form and timed released for all day protection.

4) Cut way back on wheat and gluten and dairy products, all of these are mucous forming foods and if consumed when sick can take you from a simple cold to pneumonia very quickly. Keep the lungs clear of mucous.

5) Eat lots of vegetables and fresh healthy seasonal fruits, not caned.

6) Take half a teaspoon of Colloidal Silver in a shot glass of water morning and evening. Keep it in the bathroom and take it morning and evening after you brush your teeth. This is a preventive and medicinal long term protective antibiotic that works on viral and bacterial infections.

7) Keep Echinacea and Golden Seal tablets or capsules handy for the first sign of a bug exposure to a group of sick people with a cold or flu. I take it two or three times a week as prevention.

8) Exercise, both cardiovascular and weight training keep your immune system strong. Drink a lot of water before and during exercise, and if you go to a gym, wash your hands thoroughly when leaving as germs are spread here at the gym very easily.

9) Get as much sleep as needed to refresh yourself, and recharge your batteries.

10) Balance your stress, try not to get completely caught up in the holiday end of the year craziness, if possible, and take one or two extra timed released B Complex supplements to help your body deal with stress better.

11) Keep these supplements available in your medicine cabinet for you and the family. Oil of Oregano, Elderberry syrup, Zinc lozenges, Nasal Colloidal Silver, and extra Vitamin C Complex.

Having things on hand can make the difference between being down for a day, and down for a week or more. Starting the nutrition now before you are run down is the best thing you can do for yourself. Being ahead of the game is the best medicine for yourself and all of those around you, and tell everyone about flu preperation, some will listen and some will not, but tell them all anyway.

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