Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Another day out here on the east coast and I have forgotten how chilly it gets in the morning. The days have been very nice, but it takes a few hours to take the chill off. Now remember, I have been in the desert for a long time and I guess my blood has thinned out because it is still thirty to forty degrees warmer than it will be in a month.

I always wonder why people choose to live in such crazy climate areas, this coming from someone who lives in an area where in August, the high nineties is a cooling trend, what can I say? I guess no matter where you are or where you live we all make compromises for being where we are. Sometimes all the other aspects of our home place outweigh some questionable weather. And let's face it, it is so beautiful in the fall, and the spring, that pesky winter just has to fall in between the two.

I must say that seeing trees change color right before my eyes, and the field of red, and yellow across the wooded areas is a thing of beauty long forgotten by my eyes. Maybe the best thing to do when you are gone from home should be to absorb the beauty, and embrace the differences and enjoy your surroundings and create some visual memories that you can take back to your little neck of the woods, wherever that may be.

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